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2023/04/05 - FIM Superbike World Championship 2023: Ongoing successful partnership with ELYSATOR engineering water®

Ongoing successful partnership with ELYSATOR engineering water®

ELYSATOR Engineering AG is proud of having multiple world champion Dominique Aegerter as its advertising figurehead.

Since 1970, the globally active Swiss production company has been specialist for technical water in various fields of application. The partnership with Dominique Aegerter and the company based in Bilten in the canton of Glarus was established 3 years ago. Just as ELYSATOR successfully distributes its products throughout the world, the 32-year-old professional racer from Rohrbach has established himself among the world's best since long.
ELYSATOR engineering water® develops technical water so that it fits. High demands are placed on water for a wide variety of technical applications. This is where ELYSATOR comes into play. Water is treated with equipment developed and manufactured by ELYSATOR until it fits the desired technical application. Water for modern heating systems, cooling systems, water-carrying machines, cleaning of all kinds, laboratories, ships and other customer-specific applications can thus be covered. The units are produced in Bilten and delivered to more than 20 countries. High efficiency, low maintenance costs, compliance with warranty regulations for the machines in the plants is our passion for more than 50 years. ELYSATOR is the specialist when it comes to Engineering Water®.
(ELYSATOR Engineering AG, Managing Director)
"We at ELYSATOR Engineering AG are looking for partners who share similar values and are passionate about what we do every day. With Domi and his team we have found exactly that. On the bike, he pulls in his laps with precision that is second to none and his riding is quality of the highest standard. Domi leaves no stone unturned to get the most out of the races and yet he rides with brains. The whole team around Domi also networks people and partners which shows that their thinking is not only concerned to the asphalt but also global. Exactly these values we want to represent also to the world from Switzerland. ELYSATOR builds products in water filtration that combine efficiency and quality. We work in such a way that our customers enjoy the equipment. We produce technical water so that it fits. Domi, mix up a bit superbike category and have fun doing what you do - go for it."